I was born in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside and from an early age was playing with paint, pencils, mud clay and anything I could lay my hands on.

My early training was in commercial art, followed by a stint in the Royal Navy, then engineering, and although I studied art as a young man I always considered myself as a self taught artist.

However in 1987 I took early retirement and started to paint full time.

Fortune favours the brave and I was shortly offered a position by The Mid Cheshire College teaching art.

Since that time I have continued to experiment and ‘play with my paints’ searching for my true identity as an artist.

I now live in Cheshire close the border of Wales.

This beautiful country never fails to inspire me and it’s right on my doorstep

I work in water colour, acrylic and mixed media.

I exhibit widely and many of my paintings are in private collections across the country.

In my landscape paintings I try to seek out what nature has to offer in the way of shape ,pattern,line and form. I then try to design my paintings in a more gestural inventive way.

Landscape is very manageable and malleable, I like to move things around (which I often do) to get a more painterly result.

Painting is for me a voyage of discovery ,I paint to find out what painting is all about, constantly searching for something different to say.

I have been working at the Castle Park Arts Centre in Frodsham for a number of years teaching water colour and design and running life drawing sessions on Saturdays.

Most of the paintings you see on this website are for sale – you can get in touch through my contact page.

Roland Brandom